The Restorative Qualities of the Medina River

I’d like to think the first fish I ever caught was a longear sunfish. The odds are good that is was a longear, a most irascible of species, they are still to this day my favorite fish to catch on a flyrod. If all of the rainbow trout, king salmon, largemouth bass, and tarpon were wiped from this earth (and I do believe we are working hard at accomplishing that goal) I could still be smirking like a child if there were still bream to hit poppers on a summer day.

I hesitate to write this blog. I hesitate because I may have a lot to say, but I am not the kind of man to share everything with the world. I do not want to expose the Medina river to the world. I do not believe it should be ruined by flatbill hat fly fishermen checking off a list. However, it is not the Guadalupe. It is not the Comal, the San Marcos, or even the Colorado. All rivers in Texas have their unique qualities and frustrations. The Medina, though, will always be my first river.

The funniest fishing story I have happened on the Medina River (and will possibly be shared here someday). Most certainly the smallest fish I’ve ever caught has been on that river. The longest fish I’ve ever caught was on that river (spotted gar). It was where I learned to fly fish. My brother handed me the rod, gave me some simple instructions and pointed to the direction I should go. Admittedly, I wanted more instruction, especially from someone who considered himself at the time to be a future teacher. Despite the simple instructions, soon enough my rod tip trembled with the fight of a sunfish and I never looked back.

I don’t know where this blog will go. There is a large world out there and I am a small, introverted part of it. I can guarantee you few things. I will be wrong occasionally, and some people will believe it to be frequently. I will try to be fair, but will likely fail often in that regard.  I will try to be consistent. I will cover multiple topics, but in the end I will cover the things that I care about. This will not be a blog strictly about fly fishing, hand tool woodworking, traveling Texas, pollinators, yoga, and classic cars; but it is likely those subjects will dominate. I guess I should include woman and relationships. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Lets talk about the Medina River. It has been a long time since I’ve cast a fly here and here recently I’ve struggled to gather the gumption to even fly fish. It has been something that I’ve wondered if I’ve started to lose interest in altogether. False.

I caught two fish all day on the Medina, but I saw my niece and nephew, my mom and dad, have a wonderful time paddling around and enjoy themselves all morning. I don’t know why I haven’t had the desire to fly fish recently, but I do know that I need to stop ignoring any desire to feel the cool river on my legs, the sun on my face the shade of a cypress towing above me. This river is my baptismal fount and I am thankful for it.

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